The Searchers heading back to Great Yarmouth with memories of a golden era

The Searchers in 1964

The Searchers in 1964 - Credit: The Searchers

The catchy Sixties songs of The Searchers are heading to Great Yarmouth - part of their touring schedule for decades.

The Searchers today.

The Searchers today. - Credit: The Searchers

The band, formed during the Merseybeat boom led by The Beatles, is still popular today fuelled by nostalgia for one of the golden eras of pop.

During three years from 1963-66 The Searchers had more than a dozen chart hits, including three number ones. But while other bands split and folded they have kept going on the cabaret and live tour circuits, while clocking up 50 million record sales.

On Sunday, September 3, they are making their debut at St George’s Theatre in Yarmouth.

Bass player and front man Frank Allen said: “We have been to Great Yarmouth many times over the years, at the ABC and Britannia Pier, and always get a warm welcome from a friendly crowd so we are looking forward to it.”

The show will be a blend of the hits, B sides, album tracks and some “covers” linked to the band’s history - with anecdotes and reminiscences.

Playing to screaming girls in the Sixties was “fantastic” said Frank. “We never thought we would make it the music world – so becoming teenage idols was incredibly exciting.

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“We were riding in the wake of the Beatles, who were special – not just because they put a blues edge on to a lightweight pop world – but because of their attitude and style.

“The Searchers set out to be clean-cut lads in smart suits doing catchy, non-threatening three minute songs that were not self-indulgent.”

At their height they topped the chart with Sweets for My Sweet, Needles and Pins, and Don’t Throw Your Love Away. But when the singles bubble burst, they turned to cabaret and then rode another wave of 1960s nostalgia on the touring circuit which has taken them around the world.

The Searchers, are at St George’s on September 3 at 7.30pm. For details and tickets call 01493 331484 or visit