Third exhibition showcasing talents of artist Ernie Childs

Ernie Childs at work at the Potteries. Picture: James Bass

Ernie Childs at work at the Potteries. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

More than 100 paintings covering many moods and subjects will go on display at Great Yarmouth’s library galleries for two weeks from Monday.

Much-loved maritime artist and potter Ernie Childs is staging his third exhibition in his home town showcasing his work and that of his talented students.

For Mr Childs it is an opportunity to show people the finished versions of some of the vast scenes he created on the quayside during the town’s maritime festival in September, as well as giving his students the chance to see their work on public display.

Around 120 paintings from small portraits to huge maritime scenes will be available to buy with contributing artists around to chat to.

It is the churning, foam-edged waves and all things to do with the sea that have fascinated and inspired Mr Childs during his long and successful career, and sealed his reputation as a maritime artist.

Many of his paintings have a watery, fishing feel showing boats tossed on erratic and unreliable seas, and people on land trading and gutting and mending nets.

He said both he and fellow tutor Jim Roberts were looking forward to the show which always attracted a good lot of local folk who liked a chat and enjoyed maritime history.

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“We meet all sorts of nice people who come in and have a chat and we get to know him. It’s a lovely thing.”

The exhibition features oils and watercolours in traditional styles from novice artists and well as those who have progressed to become adept with a brush, and will take over all three rooms.

The job of organising, framing and hanging was a big one, but worth it in the end, he added.

Mr Childs says anyone attending will see “pictures for the people”. “I like to look at a painting and see what it is,” he said. “If you have to explain it then the picture is lost.”

Mr Childs, who works out of the higgledy-piggledy Potteries in Blackfriars Road, often paints specifically for limited tankards and plates that are fired in his own kilns and shipped all over the world, often featuring scenes of maritime action and the bravery of fishermen.

He expects to be on hand for a chat on both Saturdays.

The exhibition runs from June 9 to 20, everyday except Sunday 9.30-5pm.