Young Guns living the dream

AFTER playing the festival circuit this summer rock band Young Guns are set to embark on a headline tour of the UK.

Singer Gus Wood spoke to Mercury reporter Miles Jermy ahead of the band’s gig at Norwich Arts Centre next week.

The tour follows the release of the critically acclaimed debut album All Our Kings Are Dead earlier this year.

Despite the rigours of the rock and roll lifestyle Gus could not conceal his excitement at getting out on the road.

“I have just got back from playing in Europe and only had a few hours sleep so hardly know what planet I am on, but I can’t wait for the tour to start.

“Hopefully we will put on a show to remember. We are doing something we love and want the audience to come with us.

“We are finally doing the shows we always dreamed of, to play headline gigs in places like Norwich is crazy. Playing the shows where you get sweaty and messy, is what we are all about.

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“We last played Norwich on the Kerrang tour in January so it’s been 10 months and we are really looking forward to going back.”

“There is enjoyment from playing the large stadiums and Reading and Leeds was surreal, but you can’t beat the energy from the smaller venues – it is where our heart lies.”

Formed just two years ago, Young Guns have enjoyed a spectacular rise to success culminating in high profile slots supporting Bon Jovi and Lostprophets.

The band went back into the studio to revamp their new single Weight of the World which was released earlier this month.

“We knew we could do the song a little more justice if we only had a little more time so went back into the studio and just nipped and tucked it a bit so we were happier with where the song was at,” said Gus.

“We are a bit of a DIY band, quite independent and don’t have a lot of money so are not on a tour bus yet. To have got this far is incredible I wake up every morning in with disbelief and amazement.”

Young Guns play Norwich Arts Centre on Thursday, November 25. Tickets (returns only) are available 01603 660352 or online at