Letters, April 29 2016

PUBLISHED: 20:10 28 April 2016 | UPDATED: 20:10 28 April 2016

A mouthful from parked driver

Ref the article on Page 3 of the Mercury, April 22, I would like to point out the problem about parking on Kennedy and Orde Avenue and surrounding roads.

1 Hospital staff and people visiting the JPH park on Kennedy and surrounding roads. I have had one such incident: when I came home a gentleman was sitting in his car blocking my gate and garage so I asked him was he waiting for someone. He said his wife and son were at the JPH as his son had an appointment.

I told the gentleman he had to move and I got a mouthful from him so I told him I was calling the police and would have him removed for causing a obstruction to my property I do not live on Kennedy but on Mariners Compass.

2 Parents whose children that go to Cliff Park also think they can park anywhere they please. I have seen parents parking on the corner on the zigzag lines, dropping their children off or waiting for them. Some of these parents only live approximately 10 to 15 minutes walk from the school.

Some turn up nearly one hour early and sit in their cars on Kennedy Bridge Road; not only that, they come around the bend on Mariners Compass at speed.

This problem has been going on for years and I have lived here for over 30 years but it got worse when parking charges were introduced at the JPH.

The only way to solve the problem is to put up restrictions like No Parking from 9am to 9.30am, a 30-minute waiting time and then no return for two hours up to 6pm so residents on Kennedy or Orde and parts of Mariners Compass are not affected. The only other solution is double yellow lines and have parking enforcement officers handing out fines.

Name and Address withheld

Parents park too close to school

Reference the report about Cliff Park Junior parking. Some parents are more concerned with parking close, so they don’t have to get out of their cars rather than child safety.

The parking wardens were down the school on Thursday and they got abuse off some drivers, the police even pulled over because of it. Granted, there are not many places to park, and it’s horrid in the rain, but rain never hurt anyone.

Those who do have cars are more concerned with how close they can park, even though there is a great long parade to park along and then walk down to the school. They should consider that some children have a lengthy walk home in any weather.



Thanks to ladies who helped me

I would like to thank the two ladies who came to my aid when I had a fall in Wilkinson’s, Gorleston last Friday, also thanks to the staff at the store for their care and help. Thanks again to all of you.


Helen Avenue,


PM should pack in gracefully

President Obama is talking out of his backside saying Britain is Europe’s leader. If we were leader of Europe it would not be in the pickle that it is in now.

This is Cameron clutching at straws: any port in a storm as long as he gets his way, never mind if it’s bad for Britain. We have no trade agreement now with the USA so we cannot lose what we don’t have!

Cameron has said this will be his last term as PM, so it seems he wants to mess things up in Britain as Blair did in the Middle East.

He should try packing the job in gracefully so the next PM starts as we were in 1973, pre Common Market.


Burnt Lane,


Queen’s party was enjoyable

I would be very grateful if you can show my appreciation to Mr M Lake for arranging the most wonderful evening to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday.

The very talented Hayley Moss began the celebrations with her beautiful voice and after the lighting of the beacon, everyone joined in dancing to the sounds of Barley Mow. A wonderful community spirit and a very enjoyable evening at Stokesby once again.



Photos brought back memories

I lived, went to school and worked in Gorleston from 1953 until 1980.

I’m writing to say how much I’ve enjoyed looking at the supplements you’ve produced based on photographs from your Picture Archives. They brought back so many memories of the Great Yarmouth area as it was in the latter half of the 20th century.

The last one was “How We Used to Work”. Are there any more in the pipeline?

How wonderful it would be if all these special publications could be combined into a book. Is this possible? I, and I’m sure many others, would love to purchase such a wonderful historical, pictorial, souvenir record of the town we’ve known for so many years.



Editor’s Note: Yes, there is another nostalgia supplement to come; How We Used to Play, is scheduled for June 17, and will show pictures of leisure activities.

Provide a forest adventure land

Concerning a possible use for the Winter Gardens, it would be interesting to hear the views of a businessman on the feasibility of creating a forest adventure course in the building should it ever be restored.

It should not be too difficult to erect scaffolding to the very top, entwine it with tall indoor plants such as were once grown in the building and fit it out with ropes, swings, slides and the rest of the required apparatus.

The addition of caged tropical birds, recorded sounds of jungle noises, ape nests, a few house-trained monkeys and attendants dressed – or undressed – as natives with blow pipes would all add to the atmosphere.

With strong safety nets and provided the scaffolding poles were sufficiently far apart a bar service and the usual activities such as dancing and skating could carry on as before.

As things are going, the building will continue to decay until a decision will be made to demolish it and develop the site as a housing estate.

Perhaps that is the plan since unless the council receives a grant it is unlikely councillors have any intention of restoring it and that would be a reasonable decision because they could not continue to waste taxpayers money on constant repairs to no useful end.


Elmgrove Road,


Transferred to a full surgery

I have just had a most unwelcome text from my surgery, the Family Health Care Centre on East Anglian Way, Gorleston saying that from June 6 patients are being transferred to the Central Surgery in Sussex Road.

The surgery, to my knowledge, is already bursting at the seams and also it is a nightmare to find somewhere to park. What jobsworth came up with this brilliant idea ie getting rid of a perfectly well managed surgery to an overcrowded one.

The mind boggles.


East Anglian Way,


Little likeness to assembly of old

I recently walked by a church noticeboard near Gorleston high street.

On the noticeboard was a poster reading “Try church. It may be your cup of tea.” But the modern “church” this poster refers to bears little likeness to the church of Jesus Christ described in the New Testament.

In the New Testament, the “church” was an assembly of holy people, not a building! (See Acts 2:47; Romans 16:5; 1 Peter 2:5.) And the music, entertainment and other activities in most modern “churches” were not found in the New Testament church.

Rather than trying to draw people into a man-made religious system, we should introduce them to Jesus Christ, who says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).


Albemarle Road,


Plastic flower baskets tatty

As a long time visitor to this area, we were sad to see all the plastic flower baskets in Hemsby and agree with your readers: “They are tatty.” The folks who thought of this should go a mile north and view the lovely real flower displays at Winterton on Sea.

Congratulations to them, it made a dull day bright. This village must be top of the list for no rubbish and pride in the village.


Address withheld

Sometimes have to compromise

I write in response to your article last week regarding the floral arrangements on our lamp-posts.

Firstly, these should be referred to as artificial and not fake. I would suggest by referring to the Collins Dictionary it will explain the difference.

We have residents who are trying, within financial constraints, to brighten up the village for visitors which I feel they have achieved. Perhaps next year, those anonymous people who so freely criticise would like to take the job on, and provide the “real thing” while ensuring maintenance ie watering etc throughout the season, while working within the financial constraints.

To me, the person who referred to them as “naff” (an English slang word), and said it made Hemsby a laughing stock, should consider the fact we have an ex-Pontins site in ruin on the approach to the village!

I am sorry, but as I have said previously, some of the older residents of Hemsby have got to realise we are in the 21st century and not previous centuries therefore accept compromise as a way forward, rather than being set in ways that are virtually impossible to achieve.

This is a lovely village but we do have to look to the future, which is bound to be different from past experiences.



Gove says we’ll prosper out

I really hope that people are not falling for all the scaremongering that is being spouted about what will befall us if we leave the EU.

The main thing is we will regain control of our country if we leave. We will not be ruled by an unelected corrupt organisation that has never balanced it’s books since it started. Why do we have to pay £350 million a week to be told what we can and can’t do. Who we can deport and who we can’t. We were told that if we didn’t join the Euro we would be left behind, and we all know how that turned out!!

The so-called deal that David Cameron went to Europe begging for, and didn’t get, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, if we vote to Remain, that will quickly be overturned.

Our infrastructure cannot cope now with the number of people living here, without having to agree another three million, that we will have to agree to take. That bit of news was hidden amongst the small print of George Osbourne’s speech on doom and gloom last week.

Our fathers and grandfathers fought in two world wars to keep us free from undemocratic rule, they must be turning in their graves, at the rights that have been given away by our elected Governments.

Let us listen to educated people like Michael Gove, who says we will prosper outside the EU. An awful lot of Belgians, Spanish and Germans are hoping we vote to leave, so that the whole corrupt organisation will collapse. My neighbour has just spent six months in Spain in a motorhome camp, and heard it from the different nationalities.

Let’s take control of our country on June 23 and vote Leave EU.


Greath Yarmouth

Many thanks from our Acorn

On behalf of Age Concern Great Yarmouth I would like to thank Cllr Penny Carpenter for her comments on the opening of our Acorn Centre.

This Centre is the culmination of some very hard work by our staff and volunteers.

Can I also thank those local organisations and companies who have assisted in getting this centre up and running.

We still some work to do and look forward to the centre being fully operational and, in due course, being able to provide new facilities which are sadly lacking elsewhere in the district.


Chairman of Trustees

Age Concern Great Yarmouth

Gingerbread reunion planned

Nearly 30 years ago, a group of four ladies: myself Jenny Finnie (as I was at the time), Eve Cockell, Christine Hume and Cathy Easy, met in each other’s homes until numbers at Gingerbread meetings grew too large.

We then met at the Shrublands Community Centre, every Sunday.

I would like to arrange a get-together, with the ladies already mentioned and anyone else who is connected to Gingerbread from the early days.

Please email me on or call/text me on 07804 658905.



Call to musicians to come forward

Calling all amateur musicians and singers: Gorleston Rotary Club is producing its competition for musicians and singers again this year.

Any musician, singer, group, band or choirs, of any age and any genre is invited to enter and compete for cash prizes of £250, £100 and £50 – the only requirement is that their music is not their main source of income.

In addition, this year the winning act will be given the opportunity to make a recording of some of its repertoire with a professional recording company. What an offer!

The Rotary Club’s aims are: to encourage musicians/singers of all ages; to provide them with a public stage on which to perform; and give them an audience to show appreciation of their talent.

Any person or group that wishes to enter the contest should obtain an entry form from and return it as directed before 30 June which is the closing day.

Auditions will be held in the East Norfolk Sixth Form College on Tuesday 15 July from noon to 7pm. Individual details will be given to applicants once their application has been processed.

Six performances will be chosen by a panel of experience musicians to perform again on the Rotary Bandstand in Gorleston on Sunday 21 August where local people and holidaymakers will be invited to make up an audience – a picnic Sunday.

The top three will be chosen by a panel of judges and will receive the cash prizes – the winner £250 plus an opportunity of a recording, the runner up £100 and the third £50.

If you know of any musician, band, singer or choir, or any other music-maker, please pass this opportunity on to them and encourage them to enter. It could be the beginning of something big!


Gorleston Rotary Club

I am enjoying archive photos

As an amateur historian I write to say how much I enjoy the From our Archives supplements in the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

Good luck with your efforts to keep your archive correct and up to date as the descriptions on your photographs could have been written up in a hurry by sub-editors, journalists and photographers who were only human. Your readers will probably know about the circumstances of where the pictures were taken and the people in them

Up until recent times we believed the Queen of the Iceni to have been called Boadicea but when the source documents were checked, it was that she was called Boudicca.

All records were handwritten at that time and the scribe either miscopied the original or his writing was not clear and for over a thousand years the Queen of East Anglia went by an incorrect name.



Thanks to readers like Andrew we are able to amend and add to the sometimes sparse captions written on our archive pictures. See Pages 36/37 for some of the corrections and comments such as a “That’s me!” and a “That’s my dad!”

Bring back the Bierkeller

I think the Winter Gardens should be put back to its use as a bierkeller and dance venue.

People from the UK go to Germany for beer festivals in their hundreds, so why not turn back the clock for the Winter Gardens. What is wrong in being retro?

It’s all very silly that nothing is being done.

And don’t get me started about health and safety issues; if we were not in the EU we wouldn’t have the silly rules we have. A sign saying “Enter at your own risk, would suffice.”



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