Great Yarmouth Comic Con is being held at the town's racecourse today and tomorrow with hundreds of sci-fi, super hero and cartoon fans flocking to the venue this morning.

Daleks, stormtroopers, Ghostbusters and dinosaurs are just some of the sights for people to enjoy as attendees also get in the mood by dressing up as their favourite characters.

Two Doctor Who stars are attending the two day event, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, who played the sixth Doctor and his brave companion Peri respectively between 1984 and 1986.

As Mr Baker stepped out of his Tardis he revealed he has a strong link to the town.

Mr Baker said: "It is always a joy to come to these events. There is a huge turn out here.

"People still have a great affection for this programme that gave me a living forty years ago and they still like it.

"For me it is doubling pleasing because my dad was brought up in Great Yarmouth so I have always had an affection for this town and so it is nice to come here and meet so many of the local people.

"They have organised a great event here.

"There's so much going on."

When asked the secret of the show 's success Mr Baker said: "It has tapped into that thing that has always worked - the idea of the mysterious stranger who rides into town and saves us all, like the Lone Ranger.

"The Doctor is from anther planet, he is benevolent, he does good and leaves a place hopefully better than when he arrived. That's all we want and hope for, especially when times are tough.

"The Doctor has a lasting presence in British culture."

Ms Bryant, who recently reappeared as Peri to promote a new Blu-ray set of season 22, said: "We are a giant family. It is just lovely to meet the fans and chat, some I meet time after time.

"We are very blessed in being able to come and do this."

Also appearing at the convention is national treasure Christopher Biggins, known for many roles, including Porridge, I Claudius and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

He said: "It is wonderful to see so many fans here. it is a great event."

Also appearing is Andrew Lee Potts, from the television show Primeval.

Tickets are available on the door both days. For more information search for Great Yarmouth Comic Con on Facebook.