There was a buzz in the air as people lined up along a Great Yarmouth pier for the reopening of a late night club on Saturday night.

More than 700 people flocked to Long John's Back Pier on the back end of Britannia Pier.

It has not consistently been open since the onset of the Covid pandemic in early 2020 and people were eager to enjoy the reopening night.

Deputy pier manager Keegan Snell said the night was "outstanding".

He said: "We had half-expected a good turnout judging by the interest we'd garnered on our Facebook page.

"But the number of people who came along went way beyond our expectations. It was great to see the place filled.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: People enjoyed themselves at Long John's Back Pier.People enjoyed themselves at Long John's Back Pier. (Image: Britannia Pier)

"At one point in the night, people had to queue outside for about five minutes to get in, but there was a quick turnaround.

"It really was just like old times."

Behind the decks was DJ Tomtee - the night club's new resident DJ - and, on his Facebook page, he said he wouldn't forget the night for years to come.

"I've not seen a club this busy in many years," DJ Tomtee said.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: The bustling dancefloor of Long John's Back Pier on Saturday night.The bustling dancefloor of Long John's Back Pier on Saturday night. (Image: Britannia Pier)

Across the nightclub and the Pier Tavern, Mr Snell said just under 1,000 people spent their Saturday night at the Britannia Pier.

Mr Snell said the new VIP lounge was a popular addition to Long John's. Groups of people were treated to a bottle of spirits and prosecco, a secluded dancefloor, as well as a dedicated member of staff to avoid waiting at the bar.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: The entrance to the VIP lounge at Long John's Back Pier.The entrance to the VIP lounge at Long John's Back Pier. (Image: Britannia Pier)

"It was a fantastic success and we've had a lot of positivity from customers," Mr Snell said.

"We'd like to thank all the people that turned up. It was great to see some of the old faces. We really appreciate people sticking with us and making it an outstanding night.

"We're trying our hardest to make Long John's the go-to place in Great Yarmouth on the weekend and we really want to hear what people want to see and hear there."

Long John's Back Pier will be open every Saturday night. There are also plans to open the venue on Friday nights in the future.

The Britannia Pier's new owners - Joseph Manning and Joseph Abbott - also said they will reveal upcoming additions to the Britannia Pier over the next few months.