A new housing development made up of more than a third of affordable homes has been given approval despite fears the community could feel isolated.

The small village of Scratby will gain 41 properties under the plans, which will be built on land north of Scratby Road.

But the councillor for the Ormesby district, which includes the site, worries the young families likely to move into the homes may struggle amid few local amenities and a lack of public transport.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: The new homes will be built on land north of Scratby RoadThe new homes will be built on land north of Scratby Road (Image: Google Maps)

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Geoff Freeman said: "People need homes but at the same time Scratby isn't a very big centre and it only has one small shop.

"It is not very well served by public transport outside of the summer months.

"I worry it could become an isolated community and people living there will have to rely totally on cars to reach amenities like schools and supermarkets.

"Hopefully this will not be the case but I do worry about the connectivity and safety of the new community.

"There is a lack of safety measures in the plans, such as traffic calming, for what is a very busy road in the summer - the volume of traffic can be phenomenal."

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Geoff Freeman, councillor for OrmesbyGeoff Freeman, councillor for Ormesby (Image: Newsquest)

Concerns about overdevelopment in the village and increased traffic led to 20 locals and the parish council objecting to the proposal.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Great Yarmouth Town HallGreat Yarmouth Town Hall

But despite these fears, Great Yarmouth councillors decided to give the go-ahead to the new settlement after the developers increased the number of affordable homes on offer following an earlier review of the plans.

The so-called affordable rented houses will be made available to people through the council’s local allocations policy, which sees residents of the immediate area given priority.

It is hoped the new homes will go some way towards addressing the need for affordable homes at a time when mortgage rates continue to rise.