In the past seven months, 89-year-old Malcolm Metcalf has edited a newspaper, thrown axes, flown a plane and judged a dog show. 

But he's not finished.

As part of his '90 before 90' challenge, the Gorleston man will next travel across Norfolk in one day using 15 different modes of transport including a police car and a chimney sweep van.

Ahead of his 90th birthday in December, he has already ticked more than 80 activities off his bucket list, which is part of efforts to raise £10,000 for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice

The 76-mile, seven-hour dash across the county, from Gorleston to King's Lynn, takes place on Saturday, September 30. 

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Malcolm Metcalf pictured in 2014 surveying rooks. Malcolm Metcalf pictured in 2014 surveying rooks. (Image: James Bass)

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At 8am, Mr Metcalf will step into a police car that will transport him from his home on Magdalen Way to Great Yarmouth bus station.

By 8.20am he will be zipping through the streets in a Mustang car en route to Acle, and from there a chimney sweep's van will take him to the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich.

There he will switch to a Bentley chauffeured to the New Priscilla Bacon Hospice in Norwich at 9.20am.

At 10am he will climb aboard a truck heading to Silfield near Wymondham, followed by a charming 1934 Wolseley car ride to Dereham. 

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One of the day's highlights will arrive at 11.15am when he cruises in an Elvis Presley Cadillac car to Swaffam.

After lunch he will roar away on a Honda motorbike to Narborough bus stop, followed by a ride in a car built from scraps to Narborough Museum at 1.10pm.

The excitement will continue with a three-wheeler bike ride at 1.25pm, then a leisurely horse and cart journey at 1.40pm.

At 2pm, Mr Metcalf will hop on a tractor to the main road near the Carpenter's Arms bus stop and at 2.15pm he will board an Excel bus to Kings Lynn.

The grand finale awaits at 3pm, when he will ride in a Formula 1 V8 engine racing car at Saddlebow Road Stock Car Track.