Flower power: Kindness blossoms in seaside town

Daffodils of kindness are lifting spirits in Gorleston

Bunches of daffodils are being left for strangers and lifting spirits in Gorleston. - Credit: Anne Wisker

Bunches of daffodils are being left on seaside benches with messages of hope and encouragement.

The blooms are being found along Gorleston seafront  with a note attached which reads: "Brighter days are coming."

People who have received them have been quick to share their gratitude on social media tagging it "a lovely way to brighten someone's day".

One woman sharing a picture of the flowers said: "Thank you to whoever left these on a bench on Gorleston seafront this morning! What a lovely thing to do, they made my day."

Her post prompted a flurry of comments from other people impressed by the stranger's kindness.

One person said: "A really nice gesture and perfect sentiment combined."

Another added: "They are like a burst of sunshine when they open, and badly needed on a grey January day."

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It is not the first time kindness has blossomed in Gorleston.

Last year random acts of crochet kindness saw knitted mermaids, worry worms, and Easter crosses popping up across the resort spreading joy.

The Hutchinson family of University Crescent have also been responsible for numerous kindness bombings under the Tia's Treasures banner.

Lisa  Hutchinson said for once the family were not behind the bouquets, adding: "We did consider after we had hidden all of the Pocket Hugs for Blue Monday, but some one has beaten us to it.

"It's lovely to see kindness becoming more and more contagious."