Bin-fluencer Dave Clark is excited to spot bins like other people are trains, planes, and birds.

And having declared to the nation his favourite was a Fab bin at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens he got to meet its makers and get his hands on his very own lolly-liveried model to take home.

After seeing his story Norwich-based manufacture BDH Tullford got in touch and invited him to visit their business and meet the bin makers themselves.

And after a tour of the premises and an introduction to other bins in the range, he was gifted his very own Fab bin to take home.

He said: “It was great to meet everyone at BDH Tullford and thank you for the bin – what a fab bin it is!”

David Hutchins, company director, said he was pleased to be able to share his enthusiasm for the design.

“It was wonderful to meet Dave. As soon as we saw the story, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give him his own Fab bin. It is always nice to meet a fan!"

“The bin is always a big seller for coffee and ice cream companies because it is very eye-catching, particularly when the bin resembles the product itself, which is the case with the Fab bin.”

The bin is described as rotationally moulded in high-quality polyethylene, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A weighted base gives the bin stability.

Mr Clark said seeing the bin again was like being reunited with an old friend.

He said: "After this bin kicked it all off it was perfect to actually own one and to complete the Fab bin story so I met them and took it home with me - it was in my passenger seat with a seatbelt on. I am using it for an inside recycling storage unit.

"Talking enthusiastically about bins I always mentioned where it all started, with that Fab bin," he said.

Mr Clark's passion for bins has gone global with other people sharing pictures of their favourites via his Bins Fantastic Facebook page and World of Bins on Twitter.

He has also been recruited as the face of a company's new recycling scheme.