A mother-of-two had such a fantastic experience with a teepee sleepover service, she decided to buy it.

Sarah Harrod, a former social worker from Gorleston, has bought the company Sleepees Teepees after she hired them for her daughter's birthday.

The service provides the fitting and removal of teepees - in styles such as unicorns, Christmas and camouflage - treats and props for children's sleepovers.

Mrs Harrod, 39, hired the sleepover service when her daughter turned eight this year and felt inspired by the happiness it brought her daughter and friends

After hearing that the owner was interested in selling the company to focus on other things, Mrs Harrod made a successful bid and is now the owner of Sleepees Teepees.

Mrs Harrod said: "I thought it was such a lovely thing to do and the teepees were gorgeous.

"My daughter and her friends had an absolute ball in the teepees.

"And, as a parent, it was really convenient for me as the company set everything up and took it down.

"It was such a lovely and special thing to do for a birthday party."

Mrs Harrod had previously been a social worker for twelve years, but felt "it was time for a change".

"I wanted to do something that would make both myself and other people happy," Mrs Harrod said.

"Now that it has actually happened, I'm really excited."

The mother-of-two has plans to grow the business by building a website and maybe moving into party planning.

Mrs Harrod also has ideas for new themes for the teepees.

"Next year, I would love to have a Halloween-themed one," Mrs Harrod added.

Mrs Harrods' family have been involved in businesses throughout her life - with her mother formerly running a hardware shop in Belton - and she said they have supported her in her new business venture.

"I'm really lucky as my family have been so helpful," said Mrs Harrod.

"I've also had some lovely messages from friends and existing customers of the company.

"I'm really pleased with the response."

Sleepees Teepees will have a stall on the upcoming Christmas in the Parks events in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth.

For more information, visit the Sleepees Teepees website.