Businesses urged to apply for apprenticeship funding

A new strategy aims to stem the decline in apprenticeships in Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth businesses can get apprenticeships funding - Credit: Simon Finlay

Businesses across the Great Yarmouth area are being encouraged to take advantage of an apprenticeship funding scheme.

The Progression to Apprenticeships pilot project is managed by Apprenticeships Norfolk and will help businesses in the borough take on new apprenticeships.

To help shoulder the load of taking on a new apprentice, the project includes a six-month wage contribution, plus a £1,500 incentive payment.

The scheme is specifically for employers who want to progress an individual from a scheme such as Kickstart, traineeship or the sector-based Work Academy programme onto an apprenticeship, but are worried about the financial cost.

Practical support and relevant training in a wide range of topics from mentoring to digital skills is also available for every employer and staff member who are supporting a new apprentice.

Only forty places are available across Norfolk, with Great Yarmouth placed in a priority level in the scheme.

It is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF).

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