Precautionary works to Great Yarmouth town centre shop front

Scaffolding outside Blue Inc in Great Yarmouth town centre

Scaffolding was set up outside and inside Great Yarmouth's Blue Inc store on Tuesday. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Precautionary works are being carried out on a glazed shop front in Great Yarmouth following Storm Eunice.

The pavement by Blue Inc outside Market Gates shopping centre was temporarily closed to the public on Friday due to strong winds from Storm Eunice flexing the glass panels of the shop's facia.

Centre manager Nick Spencer said: "We've reacted to the strength of the wind which has highlighted the movement and we are keen to make sure it is safe and sorted.

"It's just a precautionary measure as the wind caused the glass wall panelling to flex more than we liked.

"Nothing happened, but as a precaution we have erected scaffolding inside and outside the store while we look at re-tightening the framework behind the glass.

"We think the wind constantly blowing has made it come loose slightly - not dangerously so, but enough for us to want to get it re-tightened and fixed."

The scaffolding is expected to be up for around two weeks while the centre receives a consultation from structural engineers and the glass wall is re-tightened to the metal frame.