Farewell to the Great Yarmouth Ferris wheel

A crane in the shadow of the big wheel.

The Big Wheel is being dismantled piece by piece. - Credit: James Weeds

After dominating the skyline of Great Yarmouth seafront throughout the summer, a Ferris wheel is being dismantled on the Golden Mile.

Cranes and lorry trailers surround the "Yarmouth eye" marking the true end of season for traders.

The wheel, which stands next to the Sea Life centre, is being taken down after being in place since April.

Great Yarmouth seafront.

The Yarmouth eye along the seafront in the summer. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

The attraction, run by brothers Evan and Jake De-Koning, had a 216-passenger capacity with 36 capsules.

The 50m tall structure could be seen from the Acle Straight, and had been consistently in operation throughout the Easter and summer seasons.

14 of the 36 gondolas on board a lorry trailer.

14 of the 36 gondolas have been stored on a lorry trailer. - Credit: James Weeds

In September, supervisor Michael Murphy said: "It's not been a bad summer.

"We've stayed open later than planned and it has been really well received."

This newspaper praised the quiet inside the carriages as well as the "breath taking" views from the top of the wheel.

The directors of the Big Wheel have been contacted for comment.

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The Big Wheel on the seafront beside a crane.

The cranes are in to dismantled the "Yarmouth eye". - Credit: James Weeds

A lorry and the Ferris wheel.

The wheel was without its gondolas on Monday. - Credit: James Weeds

The ticket booth and gondolas on a lorry trailer.

The gondolas have been removed. - Credit: James Weeds

The gondolas on board a truck.

The gondolas have been removed and placed onto a trailer. - Credit: James Weeds

The big wheel being taken down.

The Big Wheel first arrived in April. - Credit: James Weeds

The Big wheel without the gondolas.

The Big wheel's gondolas have been removed. - Credit: James Weeds