Let battle commence! Challengers stake claims for tallest Norfolk sunflower

Sarah meyhew sunflowers

Sarah Mayhew with her sunflowers - Credit: Sarah Mayhew

The gardening gloves are coming off as people try and claim the title of having Norfolk's tallest sunflower.

On Monday Karen Browne, of Caister, was proudly pictured with her award-winning sunflower, that had reached an impressive 11ft 3in.

In response to the picture people got in touch with us to show off their sunflowers.

Samantha Driver, of Burgh Castle, sent in a picture of her husband with a giant sunflower.

samantha driver sunflower

The sunflower in Samantha Driver's garden - Credit: Samantha Driver

Sarah Holmes, of Drayton, sent in a picture of herself with several of her towering flowers.

Scott Lister, of Great Hockham, near Thetford, sent in a picture of himself with a 12ft 11in sunflower.

Scott Lister

Scott lister with his sunflower - Credit: Scott Lister

Victoria Bussy, of Norwich, sent in a picture of her son Stanley next to a sunflower that looked triple his height.

stanley sunflower

Stanley with a giant sunflower - Credit: Victoria Bussey

She said: "Stanley is about three ft. This sunflower came from a £1.49 packet of wild flower seeds from B & M. It's just kept growing and growing."

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James Howell, of Drayton, sent in a picture of his 13ft tall sunflower.

James Howell sunflower

James Howell with his sunflower - Credit: James Howell

Priscilla Sear, of Arnold Road, Caister, sent in pictures of her sunflowers, and while admitting they were not the tallest was still proud of them.

sears sunflower

Priscilla Sears' sunflower - Credit: Priscilla Sears