Parents pay heartbreaking tribute to 'amazing' Abbie, 18

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast, who has died aged 18, stunned everyone with her determined attitude after she was diagnosed with a second brain tumour. - Credit: supplied by family

A high-flying student who was due to take up a place at university was 'kind and caring' and would light up a room with her presence.

Abbie Boast, of Blake Road, Great Yarmouth, looked to be on top of a first brain tumour found five years ago.

Tragically, she was diagnosed with a second, unrelated and more aggressive cancer in August.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast loved skating with Retroskate in Great Yarmouth. Having come to the sport relatively late, aged ten, she worked hard to achieve medal success. - Credit: supplied by family

The 18-year-old opened her A level results with boyfriend Charlie Carpenter in the grounds of Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, the day after a biopsy.

Her A* in maths and As in both physics and chemistry meant she was poised to pursue her dream of becoming a therapeutic radiologist helping others like her.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast ready for her high school prom wearing her favourite colour, red. - Credit: supplied by family

Abbie, a keen rollerskater, was first diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour aged 13, preferring to call it Jeff.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Some of Abbie Boast's happiest times were with Retroskate Artistic Roller Skating Club. Her parents said she loved the skating, the friendships and the buzz of competition. - Credit: supplied by family

Her parents Ali and Dean Boast were told the tumour would not respond to chemotherapy, but she was eligible for proton beam therapy carried out in the USA.

Community and friends rallied to fundraise, helping the family to have the best time they could while they were away.

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The treatment appeared to work with Jeff "behaving himself" and life returning to near normal.

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy student Abbie Boast celebrates her GCSE results. Picture: Jamie Honey

Abbie Boast celebrating her GCSE results. She went on to excel at Gresham's School in Holt after being awarded a scholarship. - Credit: Archant

Three years later in 2019 despite the numerous hospital trips Abbie achieved top grades in maths and science at GCSE earning her a prestigious scholarship at Gresham's School, Holt, alongside her best friend.

Abbie was preparing for new adventures at the University of Suffolk when she suddenly struggled to hold a pen.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast, 18, was a high-flying student with a bright future ahead of her. She had her sights set on becoming a therapeutic radiologist and volunteering for Dreamflight, a charity which had helped her when she was being treated for her first tumour. - Credit: supplied by family

Days later she became worse and her mother took her to A&E.

A CT scan showed a white area at the back of her brain, nowhere near Jeff.

A biopsy went on to reveal a malignant, high grade tumour and the family was floored again.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast was diagnosed with a brain tumour she named Jeff aged 13. While Jeff had remained stable another tumour developed in a different part of her brain that was more aggressive. - Credit: supplied by family

"Abbie being Abbie, she was just so amazing," Mrs Boast said. "She fired off all sorts of questions. She had gone through it all before when she was younger.

"This time she took control."

In the weeks that followed there were numerous major surgeries with various setbacks including infections and shingles.

Abbie deferred her university place for another year, and talked of making arrangements for assisted living in Ipswich amid fears treatment would affect her mobility.

Finally there was too much for her to fight back from.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast 'lit up a room' her parents said. The 18-year-old tragically died after being diagnosed with a second brain tumour just as she was due to take up a place at university. - Credit: supplied by family

Friends and family, including her brother Ashton, aged 15, went to her bedside in Cambridge to say their goodbyes.

She died on September 30.

From left to right; dad, Dean, Abbie, mum, Alison and brother, Ashton. Picture: Joseph Norton

Abbie Boast with dad Dean, mum Ali, and brother Ashton. - Credit: Archant

Mrs Boast said instead of choosing bedding for her university room she was choosing flowers for her funeral, and that they could not be more proud of their daughter.

"She was kind, clever, caring, thoughtful, compassionate and sassy with a wicked sense of humour," she said.

"When she was around it was like someone had sprinkled fairy dust. It was lovely.

"She will be so missed. She had the grit and determination to do well at anything.

"We always said whatever is coming we will take it on the chin and get on with it, and she did exactly that.

"We are so proud of her and all she stood for," Mrs Boast said. "She lit up a room."

People attending her funeral service at 10.45am on Friday are asked to wear something red, Abbie's favourite colour.

Tributes to Abbie Boast from Great Yarmouth who has died.

Abbie Boast had the world at her feet when she died just weeks after being diagnosed with a second brain tumour, unrelated to the one she called Jeff which was discovered when she was 13. - Credit: supplied by family

At the service, poems written by Abbie will be read out including 'Living with a Lodger' about her experiences with Jeff, and 'Grief, but the Good Kind' which she wrote in January.

Before she fell ill she and Charlie had walked over the O2 Arena in London raising over £1,100 for Dreamflight, the charity which had gifted her a holiday she had loved in 2017.

Her parents say fulfilling her wish that another child would benefit from a treat trip had brought them some comfort, with over £4,000 being donated ahead of her funeral.

Donations in her memory to Dreamflight can be made via

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