No charges after owner returned from circus to find car dangling

Car spotted dangling on sands at Great Yarmouth

Social media has reacted and speculated after a car was pictured dangling on the sands at Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Bethany Goodrum

The owner of a car found hanging over the promenade at Great Yarmouth will not face charges, police have confirmed.

Speculation has been rife over social media since student Bethany Goodrum shared a picture of a red Peugeot dangling over the prom near Wellington Pier, its front tyres in the sand. 

Car dangles off prom at Great Yarmouth

A car spotted dangling off the prom at Great Yarmouth has now been removed. People have been speculating as to how it got there. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

A police spokesman confirmed officers had been called to the scene.

A statement said: "We received a call at 5.47pm on Boxing Day from someone reporting that they had seen a Peugeot 208 car 'hanging over the edge' of the promenade over the sand.

"Officers arranged recovery of the vehicle and the owner returned to the location of their vehicle at 7.30pm after spending time at the town’s circus." 

Car dangles off prom at Great Yarmouth

The possible access point for a car which ended up dangling off the prom onto the sands at Great Yarmouth on Boxing Day. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

She confirmed no arrests had been made and that there would be no further action.