A zoo in a village near Great Yarmouth has gone the extra mile to ensure its exotic animals are kept cool during the ongoing heatwave.

On Tuesday, as the mercury rose to nearly 40C in Norfolk the team at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens were faced with helping to keep animals cool - including serving special frozen lollies.

For the primates, their dinner consisted of fruit, vegetable and seeds blended into an ice block, while the leopards and tigers were served ice blocks with chunks of meat.

Zoo director Scott Bird said: "Every year in the warmer weather we provide the special frozen lollies.

"There’s no set routine, but it does give them something different to enjoy.

"The last couple of days have been a challenge, but I actually think the animals have coped better than the staff and the keepers.

"Most of the animals are very tolerant to the weather and they have plenty of shaded areas.”

Thrigby has made improvements for this year's season, with a new-look Swamp House, special collection of rare animals, play areas and a 3D Adventure Maze.

For more information, visit www.thrigbyhall.com