The Last Post - knitted tribute to Prince Philip pops up in village

Knitted Prince Philip tribute

People are praising the artists behind a woolly Prince Philip tribute in Hopton, Norfolk. - Credit: Jane Tebbutt

A woollen tribute to Prince Philip has been claimed as the work of a village-based group of guerrilla knitters.

The colourful arrangement appeared atop a post box, in keeping with the modus operandi of Hopton On Sea Yarnbombers whose Easter bombs are being hailed as cuddly works of art.

The piece, near The Turnstone pub in Hopton features the Queen's consort who died on April 9, aged 99, standing proud in full Naval regalia a Union flag fluttering by his side.

Prince Philip tribute in Hopton

Sporting his best best Naval finery this knitted tribute to Prince Philip in Hopton is drawing wide applause. - Credit: Jane Tebbutt

A spokesman for the 43-strong group - which features one male yarnbomber - said four members had planned the bomb in double-quick time and selected their target - on a route used by children on their way to school.

The wording says simply Prince Philip - 1921 to 2021 RIP.

A spokesman for the anonymous group said: "He seems to be going down very well.

"Everyone is surprised how quick we got  him up."

Tribute in knitting to Prince Philip

A post box topper for Prince Philip has popped up in Hopton. - Credit: Jane Tebbutt

She said it had taken four people to complete the piece since Friday and that she had tasked her best team of crack knitters to get the important job done.

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Handily the black topper had already been completed because it was destined for another bomb honouring NARS (Norfolk Accident Rescue Service).

The figure was completed overnight on Friday with a self-taught male knitter responsible for the flag.

Meanwhile the group's leader worked on the lettering which took over five hours.

She said she was "blown away" by the response in the village, with people on social media quick to applaud the effort and the quick turnaround time.

Easter yarnbomb Gorleston

An Easter yarnbomb on Gorleston's Marine Parade, one of a number inspired by the Hopton on Sea yarnbombers as more towns and villages get involved. - Credit: Liz Coates

The village has been home to 22 Easter bombs over the two week break, with other creations by new groups inspired by Hopton popping up in Gorleston, Belton and Lowestoft.

A wool bin for donations has been set up in the village co-op.

Prince Philip post box

A tribute to Prince Philip who died on April 9, 2021, aged 99 is drawing admirers in Hopton. - Credit: Karen Pruce

The spokesman said it was important to remain anonymous because the purpose of their crafty actions was to put smiles on people's faces.

Once identities were revealed it would become about recognition and reward which was a long way from what they wanted.

A Valentine's yarnbomb saw the village blitzed in colourful creations, and since then the group has grown from 38 to 43.

To find out more about the group visit Hos Yarnbomber on Facebook.

Anyone who wants to show their appreciation by making a donation is asked to consider NARS, RSPCA East Norfolk, Papyrus, or Captain Tom Moore.