Bid for shop in end-of-terrace house refused

Grocery shop bid for house in St George's Road Great Yarmouth

The house at 13 St George's Road was bidding to host a shop. - Credit: Google Maps

A proposal for a grocery store in a little-used room in a house has been rejected by planners.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council had been asked to consider an application to site a shop at 13 St George's Road, next to the former Art College building.

According to papers the conversion involved a large domestic storage room to the right of the front door which was little-used.

Several neighbours objected saying there were enough convenience stores in the area and another was not needed.

13 St George's Road Great Yarmouth grocery store bid

A house which flanks Nelson Road Central in Great Yarmouth has had a bid to host a grocery store turned down by planners. - Credit: Google Maps

Concerns were also raised about anti-social behaviour, noise, and parking. One person said they supported the proposal.

Another added: "All it will do is encourage more drunks and more anti-social behaviour which is already rife in this area.
"It's gotten worse in the eight years I have been here, to the point I have to lock my door even when at home."

Refusing the application borough council officers said they were also concerned about the impact on people living in the house which is divided into flats, and the effect on the conservation area.