All you need to know about Yarmouth's first fair in the park

Yarmouth Fair St George's Park

Henry Stocks of Stocks Fun Fair, which is celebrating 200 years since it was set up in Yarmouth, with Scott Gray of The Showmen's Guild. - Credit: Liz Coates

Great Yarmouth's main park is being transformed into a funfair with spinning tubs, stalls, and fun houses wedged in between flower beds and trees.

Logistically it is one of the toughest venues they have worked with according to Scott Gray of the Showmen's Guild which is staging the event in St George's Park for the first time.

Fairground rides at St George's Park Great Yarmouth

Fairground rides are moving on to Great Yarmouth's St George's Park. - Credit: Liz Coates

He stressed it was nothing to do with the annual Easter Fair hosted for centuries in the the town's  Market Place and cancelled twice due to the pandemic.

But the October fair was no young upstart either with one operator celebrating its 200th anniversary having started up in Yarmouth in 1821.

Henry Stocks of Stocks Funfair said the enterprise had been based in Leiston, Suffolk, for 60 years but had its roots in Yarmouth.

Fairground moves in to St George's Park Great Yarmouth

The usually sedate St George's Park is hosting a funfair with whizzing rides and music. - Credit: Liz Coates

In fact one of his rides still occupied the same spot outside the former Gallon Pot that his family had claimed two centuries ago.

Mr Stocks said it was a privilege to be ending the season in the town where it all started, adding: "It's something I am proud of."

Where is it?

The fair is setting up in St George's Park in the heart of Great Yarmouth close to the seafront and its attractions, and the town centre.

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When does it start?

The fair will operate over four days Thursday October 28 to Sunday October 31 opening from 3pm to 10pm each day.

To minimise disturbance in a residential area all music will stop at 9.45pm with everything winding down by 10pm.

Funfair in St George's Park Yarmouth

Excitement is building as funfair rides are set up on St George's Park. While children are looking forward to a fun few days, some residents are worried about noise and damage to the park ahead of Remembrance Sunday and Christmas events. - Credit: Liz Coates

How many rides are there?

There are five adult rides and five childrens' rides as  well as bungee trampolines, stalls and games.

Will there be a cheap  night?

The operators say no. They say because of the compact area it wouldn't be practical or advisable to pack too many people  in. Instead prices are said to be reasonable with adult rides for £3 and childrens' from £2, hopefully making for an even spread of fun seekers over the four days.

Is it likely to become an annual event?

Possibly. Being staged in October meant there was no conflict with the Easter fair, but whether it happened again depended on how it went down in the local area amid concerns about noise, litter, and damage to the park, organisers said.