Take a first look at designs of the new 'Great Yarmouth Eye'

Observation Wheel

The look of the new 'Yarmouth Eye' has been revealed in a series of 3D designs. - Credit: Observation Wheel UK

It is set to be a spectacle that will transform the Great Yarmouth skyline for the next three years.

New three-dimensional designs have been released showing the true height and size of the new 18-spoked Ferris wheel, which should begin taking shape from May 9.

Observation Wheel

Great Yarmouth seafront's new Observation Wheel will stand 50m tall and will have 36 gondolas. - Credit: Observation Wheel UK

Last week, trailers containing parts of the 50m structure were stationed by the Sea Life Centre ready for its construction, which will be happening over the next few weeks.

Director of Observation Wheel UK, William Abbott said two more lorries arrived on Friday morning and the remaining trucks are scheduled to arrive in the next few days.

Observation Wheel

Great Yarmouth's new Ferris wheel is set to begin construction on Monday, May 9. - Credit: Observation Wheel UK

He said: "Observation Wheels are a great standalone attraction for seasides and city centres alike by increasing the footfall and creating a true landmark venue."

The wheel is to be in place until 2025, with servicing taking place during the quieter winter months.

Last year's Ferris wheel - which was operated by a different company - proved to be a success.

Observation Wheel

The new Observation Wheel in Great Yarmouth will be in place until 2025. - Credit: Observation Wheel UK

Observation Wheel

The new Observation Wheel will be beside the Sea Life Centre on Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile. - Credit: Observation Wheel UK