'It's disgraceful' - Vandals trash toilets for fifth time since £23k refurb

Toilets trashed in Kings Way Hemsby

The recently refurbished toilets in Kings Way being repaired after they were trashed by teenagers smoking cannabis. - Credit: Liz Coates

Vandals have smashed up a block of public toilets for the fifth time since the facility reopened following a £23,000 refurb.

The incident happened on Sunday (April 24) in Kingsway in Hemsby.

Witness Ryan Longley, 29, was waiting for the bus at around 5pm when he saw "a group of five youths" go into the male toilets for five to 10 minutes.

Public toilets at Kingsway in Hemsby

Public toilets at Kingsway in Hemsby have reopened after a £23,000 revamp. - Credit: Hemsby Parish Council

"I heard them shouting and banging," he said.

"Once they left I walked into the toilets and noticed they had vandalised the cubicles and there was also a very strong smell of weed."

Keith Kyriacou, parish council chairman, said the vandals had pulled six toilet roll holders, each costing £46, off the walls.

Hemsby parish council chairman Keith Kyriacou said he was furious with the plans to add a further 15

Keith Kyriacou, chairman of Hemsby Parish Council. - Credit: Nick Butcher

"It's disgraceful. Have they nothing better to do?"

It was the fifth time the toilets have been vandalised since reopening in April last year after a £23,000 refurb, he said.

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The village's ranger has since repaired the toilets and given them a clean.