Teens 'graffiti' Great Yarmouth shops with police

Police and cadets.

On King Street, this young commissioner from the Youth Advisory Board was being supervised by police while he painted a warning to anyone being asked to purchase alcohol for underaged people. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

If people see teenagers spray painting on the streets in Great Yarmouth they may be tempted to call police. 

But in the case of a group of community-minded young people their 'graffiti' was all above board, and under police supervision, as they highlighted the issue of people illegally buying alcohol for under age teenagers.

Chalk graffiti

Messages left outside Great Yarmouth off-licences included this orange bottle with a remainder that it is a criminal offence to buy alcohol for people under the age of 18. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Using chalk-based paint, the young commissioners from the Youth Advisory Board stencilled messages to help shoppers at premises on King Street and St Peter's Road understand the laws around buying alcohol for those who are underage. 

It came as part of Great Yarmouth Police 's joint Alcohol and Anti-social Behaviour Awareness Weeks. 

Police and cadets.

Police officers from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston led young commissioners from the Youth Advisory Board around Great Yarmouth spray painting chalk-based paint messages alerting the public of the dangers of buying alcohol for under-18s. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

As part of the week-long campaigns, police officers took part in an engagement event at the Middlegate Estate with members of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, which was also supporting Anti-social Behaviour Week.

Officers from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston also visited Cliff Park Ormiston Academy and Martham on Monday and also met residents at Caister and on Great Yarmouth seafront in the week.

Officers led talks and provided advice to students, staff and the public.

Police and students.

Officers from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston led talks about alcohol awareness at secondary schools on Monday. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

A police spokesperson said: "The academy engagement proved to be a particularly popular event, as young people queued up for freebies and a chance to try on the 'beer goggles,' which were designed to give an idea of how distorted vision and perception can be while under the influence of alcohol."

Police outside.

Police officers were visiting schools in Gorleston and Martham on Monday to provide information and advice as part of Alcohol and Antisocial Behaviour Awareness week. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

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Great Yarmouth has two active Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) within the borough, which are made up of representatives from the police, borough council, licencing teams, The Matthew Project, Change Grow Live, local schools, several charities and a number of businesses. 

Their work was recognised at The Houses of Commons in June, when Sergeant Dan Smith, chair of the town's CAP, received the Chairman's Award for his work promoting the health and wellbeing of young people in the town.

Sgt Smith was also publicly praised by MP Brandon Lewis, who congratulated the officer.

Mr Lewis had said: "Dan leads a partnership between the police, retailers, schools, and health providers in Great Yarmouth to reduce alcohol harm amongst young people in our local communities."

The Alcohol Education Trust offers advice and guidance for parents, carers, and educators of young people. For more information, visit www.alcoholeducationtrust.org