'How will they cope?' - People air views on 665 home estate bid


Caister Parish councillor Brenda Davis with residents Thomas and Priscilla Sear at the public community meeting about the Persimmon Homes scheme - Credit: Anthony Carroll

The first in a series of public meetings over a controversial bid to build a 665 home estate has been held.

Caister Parish Council has organised six public community meetings to allow people to air their views and look at the plans by Persimmon Homes for its Magnolia Green estate off Jack Chase Way, West Caister.

The parish council has objected on three main grounds -  road infrastructure concerns, environmental fears and the impact on facilities and utilities.

People attending the first meeting in the council hall on Monday could pore over information boards showing how Jack Chase Way will be downgraded from a bypass and hedgerows and trees will be lost if the planning bid is eventually approved by Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

Parish council chairman Tony Baker said the aim of the information sessions and the council's objections were to try and make Persimmon change its plans to accommodate concerns raised so far.


Caister Parish Council chairman Tony Baker and vice chairman Kevin Wood - Credit: Anthony Carroll

He said: "We want the builder to make changes to their plan that will be for the benefit of the village." 

Parish councillor Brenda Davis could be seen explaining to people about the plans and their impact on Caister and said that across the village opposition was stirring against the planned estate.

She said: "The people we have spoken to are against it for the three main reasons we have explained.

"It is going to be a settlement with no facilities."

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The other five meetings are on November 3, from 4pm to 8pm, November 5, 1pm to 4pm, November 9, 10am to 1pm, November 10, 4pm to 8pm and November 12, 1pm to 4pm. 

Ballot boxes have also been put around Caister so people can leave letters of objection or support for the scheme that will then be passed onto the borough council.

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes Anglia said: "Our plans include 665 homes to suit a range of buyers, as well as significant investment in local infrastructure and facilities.

“We are working closely with the local authority to ensure the planned development meets all the needs of the Caister community."

People have until December 1 to contact Great Yarmouth Borough Council about their views on the plans. 


One of the display boards in Caister Council Hall - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Residents give their views on homes scheme

Residents of Caister at the first public community meeting expressed their views on the Persimmon Homes bid for the 665-home estate off Jack Chase Way.

Judy Ely said: "I have lived here before they built Jack Chase Way.

"The traffic used to be tail to tail before then. People forget that and it will be repeated again.

"And that will happen again now. If you get an accident on Jack Chase Way what will happen?

"There are many hedgerows and trees that have been here for 40 years and they will go as well.

"And will they build new sewers for the homes?"

Thomas Sear, 72, said: "I object to the homes. Can you imagine the amount of traffic there will be going through Caister and Jack Chase Way.

"It's not only the traffic, it's the doctors and dentists, how will they cope?

"If they build the homes where are the people going to go?"